Incompetent client

I've been assisting the actuary on a routine project for a client for the past few years. Basically, we perform quarterly and yearly valuation.

There was of course teething problem initially but at least they learned quickly, especially the finance manager who was our point of contact. So things went quite well thereafter. Unfortunately, she was transferred to another department at the end of last year. So from this year's Q1 onward we were dealing with the new finance manager.

There are 4 major sets of data (A, B, C and D) that they normally send us. In the past, there was rarely problem with the data and at most a revised set (of 1 or 2 of them) may be sent after they discovered errors upon our queries.

However, in Q1 itself:

Set A - 6 versions
Set D - 3 versions

I had hoped that they would learn from this so that Q2 would be better. Towards the end of Q2, here's the situation:

Set A - 5 versions
Set B - 2 versions

(Set D is not ready yet and I really hope it'll be correct from the start).

All these revised data are exclusively due to our queries. In fact, after they gave us 3rd version of Set A, I specifically asked them to re-check and confirm the accuracy of the data, of which they did. Yet, subsequently I found more mistakes. Arrrgggghh!
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  1. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    They should pay us more!