Shoulder ache, so cannot walk?

I try to exercise on a daily basis but I take a break a day after yoga classes. Otherwise, it would be a couple of yoga classes, an-hour treadmill session and 3.0mins walk/25mins swim in between.

Sometimes I asked Ban to join me in the walks and at times he does join but usually he doesn't. Exercise is not something he does regularly. Here's a recent example:

Me: Honey, want to join me walking?
Ban: Hmmm *starts rolling his shoulders*. My shoulders still feel sore.
Me: Huh? But that's from gym 2 days ago already wor.
Ban: *with serious facial expression* There's usually a delay reaction mah.
Me: Ello? What does your shoulder have to do with walking ar? Do weights, then can't walk? One has nothing to with the other.
Ban: Hee hee hee

Lol, oh well :) But he did join me though and so that was good :)
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