Robocraft: Fly, Forest, Fly!

Since the previous post on Robocraft, I have built a few plasma bombers :) But boy, it was so troublesome.

So many things could go wrong: inclined too much upward, nose-dived too much, not fast enough, not agile enough, too agile, too fragile, can't fly after 1 or 2 hits etc.

Initially, I tried to copy Lathland's "Mittens" (the plane featured in the video link in my first post) but I couldn't make it stable until Ban stacked the aeroils together (the longer wing). Since then, I figured out one crucial step to substantially stabilise the plane: align the aerofoils with the pilot. Even after that, I still needed to adjust a little here and there, mainly using thrusters.

Here are the results:

Robocraft Baby Forest

Robocraft Forest Jr

Robocraft Forest

Robocraft Forest Sr

Robocraft Forest Elder

As you can see, they are basically the same design. All of them, except for the T10 bomber (the last one), have stacked redundant aerofoils and rudders i.e. 2 on each side. Forest Elder (the T10 bomber) has 2 pairs of 3-stacked rudders and 2 pairs of 2-stacked aerofoils and 1 rudder underneath that stack (idea from Lathland). Yes, redundant wings are important because it's important to still able to fly despite losing a wing or two.

So besides SMG tank and plasma bomber, I've also tried railgun walker but despite playing it about 10 times, I couldn't do well with it. This is Ban's favourite and he's good at it :) I love plasma bomber the best but SMG tank is easier to play.

As at now, I've scrapped the T9 bomber to build Rosefall's Juggernaut i.e. a SMG hovercraft. My main problem is controlling its movement. Played maybe 3 times with it and twice I did well despite my dodgy skill at manouvering a hovercraft lol. I attributed its success to the design. I'm still giving myself sometime to practise with it before deciding whether to keep or discard it.

I still keep the lower tier crafts as the meta is a little different from the higher tiers. Also, in higher tiers, especially T10, there are a few elitist players and I just can't stand rude players. Thank goodness I found out that there is a ignore list, which I made use of it diligently :)

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