Jul - Nov work

For past few years, I had been assisting the consulting actuary on projects with a particular client (client A) whereby we were engaged for quarterly and yearly valuation. This year was no different.

However, there is another client (client B) that engages us only once every 2 years for (only) annual valuation and, yes, it has been 2 years since the last exercise.

Hence, my work schedule would be continuous for the next few months would be:

2nd week of Jul - 1st week of Aug: A
Last week of Jul - 2nd week of Oct: B
2nd week of Oct - 1st week of Nov: A

There could be some complication (and thus lengthening the work period) for B's project because they are in the midst of data migration to a new system. Pray that the data would be clean.

There will be a month break before the yearly valuation for A starts in early Dec.

Busy 4 months ahead!

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