Untidy sushi

Recently Ban and I had dinner at Hokano. Naturally salmon sushi was among the food I ordered :)

Not sure whether I was mistaken or not but this time the sushi pieces looked a little smaller than usual. Sushi Tei's sushi could be the clear winner here but I would need to observe carefully the next time. Perhaps take some photos to compare.

One thing completely new was that there were 2 pieces of salmon sushi with irregular shaped slice of fish. It had a small piece attached at one end of the fish. Just before I left, I informed the lady boss of this (she apologised), expressing my concern for the condition of the knife used. Hopefully that was good enough to get her to remind her chef not to be that careless in future.

A few days later, I again was served untidy salmon sushi but this time it was at Sushi Zanmai @Paradigm Mall. What was up with these coincidences? Knives at various Japanese restaurants are expiring or something???

Instead of having that extra small piece, this time the sushi had jagged edge on one side of the fish. I didn't complain when I ate the first defective sushi but when there was another, I decided to flag one of the managers. I showed her the piece (she apologised and thanked for my feedback) and similarly I advised her to check the knife. I declined her offer to change it but nevertheless she asked to have it to show to the chef.

I was thus pleasantly surprised that she later served me a plate of 2 pieces of salmon sushi (with apologies) and the fish was sliced cleanly :) Not sure whether he was exaggerating or not: Ban said that it was obvious the chef took the time to do a good job this time hehehe. The manager did enquire once I finished eating them and once again apologised and thanked me for the feedback.

Well, I hope all Japanese restaurants start checking their knives now. Alternatively, they could just remind their sushi chefs to be vigilant.
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