Water-droplet-shaped mochi @ Ichiban Boshi

Last month I blogged about our close encounter with this interestingly shaped dessert. Ban and I decided to try it just to fulfill a friend's wish :)

Ichiban Boshi 1

Ichiban Boshi 2

Ichiban Boshi 3

I was prepared to be amazed by discovering the starch/flour bit and the sweetened peanuts once I cut into the "cake" but it turned out that this dessert was a deconstructed version of mochi. It had the ground peanuts and the syrup separated from the "cake". The cake itself wasn't even made of flour: it was jelly! So the "wow!" factor degraded substantially. Yes, it was still a good effort, especially in conceptualising the water droplet but I guess my expectation was unrealistic? *shrug*

The waiter was kind to show us how to consume it: sliced the jelly into smaller pieces, then sprinkled the ground peanuts all over jelly and then lastly poured the syrup all over them. It tasted quite nice, definitely not as sickly sweet as some traditional mochi could be. The jelly was very smooth. However, I don't think mochi fans would like it because the jelly didn't taste remotely like the mochi's flour/starch.

An interesting experience. I would recommend everyone to try it at least once.

Oh, and here's an interesting name of a wifi network:

Ichiban Boshi 4
2 Responses
  1. William Says:

    Macam tu pun panggil mochi

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Deconstructed mochi mah. Go cuba :)