Crusader Kings 2: Glitterhoof!

Soon after the insane act, this event occurred:

CK2 Glitterhoof

The words are probably a little tiny to read. They are:

" Your horse has always struck you as being of a dependable sort, a quality you feel is sorely lacking in your councillors. Time to shake things up a bit. You will appoint him as your new Chancellor.

Glitterhoof, I appoint thee as the Chancellor of the realm. "

I had no control or it. My chancellor was sacked. Goodness! I rehired him but the damage was done: there was a -50 opinion from him towards my ruler.

Oh, and guess what? It happened again within a year! @@ The above screenshot was of the second time.

Luckily my chancellor liked my ruler very much that despite a total -100 opinion, his overall opinion is at the max 100. Phew. Lunatic ruler indeed.
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