Lotus Curry House: chendol

I've always preferred to have roti canai and roti telur here than at the nearby Kayu shop. It's more spacious, airy and somehow seems cleaner. Food is good too. I rarely visited it because such food is just not enough for lunch or dinner and I almost never go for supper. Morever, it's the type of food that Ban would not want to have often.

Earlier this year, I discovered that they now serve chendol. Yum! So I tried it and I loved it. I dare say it's the best in PJ thus far. Ban and his brother love it too. We have gone there for chendol every now and then.

Lately, however, I had a couple of bowls that had frozen chendol and palm/brown (not sure which it was) sugar that didn't melt properly. Hope those were exceptions.

It used to be that they were so slow to serve it. There was once we ordered a couple of bowls after we were nearly done with our food and we were served chendol about half an hour later, with two reminders thrown it. So now we order food and chendol at the same time and it usually will arrive just when we are about to finish our food.

One remaining downside is its price: RM 3.70 including GST.

LCH chendol 1

LCH chendol 2
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