Crusader Kings 2: Tales of Two Empires

As reported previously, the lunatic trait didn't resurface again. Even during the reign of the 2 lunatic rulers, they did well. I attributed this mainly to the choice of Elective Monarchy succession law which gave +20 opinion with vassals but this law did cause trouble from time to time. I'll address this in another post.

For now, let's just celebrate the end of another glorious campaign.

CK2 Hisp Arab 1

CK2 Hisp Arab 2

Although its score was significantly lower than my personal best score, I am proud to have established 2 empires i.e. Hispania and Arabian, all via conquest except for 1 single county that was inherited. A few of my duchy vassals did wage their own wars and obtained about 10 counties. Yay!

Somehow I think I ruled over a larger realm too despite the lower score. I attributed this to far fewer kingdom titles. I had to destroy 9 of them and refrained from creating 2 of them to deal with the problem of the succession law (will be discussed in another post).

You can compare its realm size (below) and that of the previous campaign:

CK2 Hisp Arab 3

CK2 Hisp Arab 4

I had a single county right smack in the middle of the Holy Roman Empire (HRE) hehehe.

HRE was the only Catholic realm that was bigger than mine but inexpicably it went downhill the moment their emperor was excommunicated. At the same time, he was facing 2 civil wars and 1 external war. As seen above, several kingdoms and duchies took this opportunity to go independent.

I too took advantage of the situation and successfully pressed a weak claim of a kinsman. I then subsequently helped him to ward off dangerous civil wars twice. Alas, when I started my own war to capture more land, I forgot to check on him and thus he was ousted by a rival faction and thereby ending the short Mernix's dynasty. Bummer.

Oh, something interesting to note: 3 crusades were call against some rulers in India! @@ Only the second one succeeded and it was won by the Knights Templar lol.

So the House of Mernix is missing in HRE:

CK2 Hisp Arab 9

CK2 Hisp Arab 10

CK2 Hisp Arab 11

However, there were a couple of independent Mernix rulers: Nidaros and Austria. The former was (I think) a breakaway Norwegian duke who then conquered much of Norway. The latter was a breakaway duke of HRE.

I conducted many holy wars which helped to strengthen the Catholic's faith moral authority and in turn helped me to convert many counties to Catholic:

CK2 Hisp Arab 5

CK2 Hisp Arab 6

As you can see, most of the Arab land was converted. Amazing :)

On a related note, I was most grateful for the unrequested help I received from HRE, England and France in defending against 2 or 3 jihads. Phew! Without their help, I would have been defeated. This was the reason why I decided to almost always continually wage holy war against Muslim leaders instead of waging war against these Catholic leaders despite favourable times.

Oh, this time, not only did I consciously make sure I appoint Iris rulers, I also made sure (where possible) that the heirs of non-Irish rulers were educated by Irish. The end results were proliferation of Irish culture far beyond their traditional borders:

CK2 Hisp Arab 7

CK2 Hisp Arab 8

It is a little disappointing that the score was less than before probably because of the consequence of adopting Elective Monarchy over Primogeniture but I guess that's fair because otherwise the former would be overpowering. In this entire campaign, there was only once an independent faction was created that never grew big enough to threaten my reign, whereas in previous campaign, this happened regularly (especially at the start of a new ruler's reign) and at times became dangerous. Stability vs score.

Nevertheless, I am still happy that I managed to plan and snag the second empire title i.e. Arabian Empire :)
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