Crusader Kings 2: Insane Act

It's been about 1.5 years since I blogged about this game. I probably hadn't played it for more than a year.

In my current play, I tried new succession laws: Tanistry and Elective Monarchy. Pretty good and probably will use it again in future.

There have been a few changes since the last patch. The most notable one is the limit on number of direct vassals. That proved to be troublesome every now and then, especially since most of my vassals' succession law is Gravelkind. Goodness.

Anyway, more details later once I finished the game. This time I just want to highlight certain funny events for my current ruler. Not sure why/how but he has the lunatic trait.

One event is the choice of implementing one of these 4 laws:

(1) The Pants Act
(2) The Turnip Act
(3) The Hole in the Wall Act
(4) The Cessation of Violence Act

The game didn't tell me the details of each law and so I chose (4) as it's the clearest of them all. After choosing it, the next pop up was this:

" The new law has been written and couriers are even now distributing it to all of your vassals. You admire your handiwork:

"Whereas the children of the realm have become desensitised to violence, and: whereas the general populace seems to have lost all regard for the sanctity of human life:

Therefore I, [Title Name], decree that all forms of violence directed at other human beings be outlawed, including both capital and corporal punishment as well as the torture of criminals, heathens and foreigners. These vulnerable social groups are instead to be rehabilitated and eventually released back into society as productive citizens."

"This law will bring salvation to the realm." "

Actually, I was quite surprised at how modern this law is. I, however, would imagine how insane it was to the people, especially the ruling class, at that time (this was in early 14th century).

Turns out that any of these laws will result in -10 opinion with vassals for a number of years. For details on the the rest, please read the bottom post of this thread.
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