Sushi Tei: Chicken Curry Rice

After the "no carrot" debacle at Sushi Zanmai, I decided to try Sushi Tei's chicken curry rice (RM 14.80).

Sushi Tei chic curry rice 1

Sushi Tei chic curry rice 2

Oh yes, those were 3 pieces of carrot. Sushi Zanmai, see? It's not hard to have carrot in Japanese curry, is it?

There were many small pieces of chicken, 2 pieces of potato and lots of onion in the curry. Yes, all the elements that I expected from Japanese curry were all in. I don't know whether that's authentic or not but as at now, that's my expectation.

Oh, but I could make do without that pickle on the rice though. The rice was soft and went well with curry. The curry was mild but the onion pieces spiced it up quite well.

It was quite delicious and value for money. Unfortunately, curry is not something that I can have often due to acid reflux/GERD etc. But, yes, I would have it again when the time is right :)

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