Sushi Zanmai: see no carrot

Recently Ban and I had dinner at Sushi Zanmai at Paradigm Mall, a favourite restaurant of ours. We chose to dine there because Ban wanted to get a laptop cooling pad and I found out that there was a Thundermatch outlet at the mall.

We both nearly ordered the usual dish i.e. Salmon Zanmai but we decided to try something new, which is a good thing because we haven't been keeping up with the routine of trying new food every week on a consistent basis.

In the menu, I spotted curry udon with chicken and carrot as depicted in the photo. My stomach was good and it's been sometime since I had Japanese curry. So I ordered a small dish. Avoided the large portion in case I couldn't finish it and if the small one wasn't enough, I was prepared to order salmon sushi.

What they served was this:

Sushi Zanmai 3

Sushi Zanmai 4

Do you see any pieces of carrot? No, right?

I was quite miffed. I wouldn't have ordered it if there was no carrot in it. I decided to talk to a waiter.

Me: Does this normally have carrot? *pointed to the picture in the menu*

Waiter: No, it does not have carrot.

Me: Then this is misleading, isn't it? If I had known there was no carrot in it, I wouldn't have ordered.

Waiter: *dumbfounded*

Me (to Ban): I guess carrot must be very expensive. Maybe RM 10 per kg or something like that.

Another waiter came over and spoke quietly with the waiter to find out what was going on. Upon learning about my complaint, this other waiter offered to change the dish for another dish of my choice. I declined as I had eaten maybe 2 spoonful already and was trying to be fair to them although they were not being fair to me. "Very disappointing," I told him. He apologised and said would provide my feedback to the kitchen staff.

I thought that was the end of it. Despite the absence of carrot , the dish was quite good. The soup was not as thick as the usual curry udon and I prefer it this way. Its spiciness was mild and it was light in taste. The udon was smooth and not chewy.

To my surprise, the waiter came back and told me that the dish used to have carrot but later they changed the cooking process such that the carrot was dissolved in the soup. Dissolved?? Wow, mighty soup lol. Ban was very skeptical but I didn't want to kick any more fuss because I had said what I wanted to say already. I merely received the explanation but pointed that they then should change the picture in the menu as it was misleading. He apologised again.

I ordered 2 pieces of salmon sushi as the noodle portion turned out to be just short of what I needed. While waiting, we were given a surprise:

Sushi Zanmai 5

Sushi Zanmai 6

The waiter came back with this complimentary dessert and apologised once again, promising to be better next time (hopefully). I was pleasantly surprised and thanked him for the effort.

On hindsight, I was quite surprised at their reaction. The waiter apologised about 3 times and offered some sort of compensation twice after I rejected the first time. Either they never or very rarely receive negative feedback or I was fierce lol. Mind you, I wasn't shouting as I learned that that almost never achieve anything and it's destructive rather than constructive. Besides, I hate myself to loosing control and shouting. I kept the feedback as short as possible (but yes, I threw in a line of sarcasm) and straightforward. Their explanation (dissolved carrot!) is still dubious to me but kudos to them for trying to make amend.

The ice-cream was good. It wasn't very creamy, tasted of green tea but not bitter and most importantly not too sweet. The wafer was, however, soft.

Will I go there again? Yes, for sure since they have been good almost all the time. Will they change the picture in the menu? Highly doubt it and for sure I would not order it again until there's a change.

As an aside, yesterday Ban and I had dinner at Sushi Tei and I spotted a picture of their curry rice that had carrot and potato in it. Upon enquiry, it was confirmed that those were indeed in the dish. See? It's not that hard, is it?
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