Burger galore

Ban and I hadn't been to Johnny Rockets since our maiden trip to their outlet at The Curve until recently. We met some friends for lunch on a weekday and due to lack of sufficient seats at their first choice of venue, we ended up at Johnny Rockets outlet at Avenue K. Even so, it was crowded and thus service was a tad slow, I think.

I didn't take a photo as I was probably busy catching up with friends. Nevertheless, it was nothing to shout about. I remember having a burger and it was quite bad. It was dry and there was too much fries. Definitely not worth the price. Incidentally, everyone at the table agreed it wasn't worth it.

Also recently Ban and I brought his brother to have dinner at Plan B @Paradigm Mall after watching the movie Hobbits: Battle of the Five Armies. Here was what I had:

Plan B 9

Plan B 10

Sorry, I forgot to take note of the name of the burger I had. It was delicious, with quite generous portion of salad and appropriate amount of fries. It was expensive though.

Only complaint I had was that they provided the place mats which had their special menu only after they took our order. Ban's brother would have ordered from their special menu if that was presented together with the normal menu. We asked to change but it was too late because (apparently) they had starting cooking Ban's brother's order. That was an unsatisfactory response from them. Tsk tsk tsk.
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