Gosh, I tried to find the post where I mentioned about waking early vs sleeping late but I couldn't find it.

I remember saying that I love waking up early because it's cool and I get so much done before lunch. That makes me feel productive and I can relax for the rest of the day :)

On the other hand, I also like sleeping late because it's cool and quiet. Also, if I play multiplayer online games, there will be more players as these games are dominated by Europeans and/or Americans.

Obviously I cannot do both because I still make sure I have 7.5 hours of sleep. So I decided to wake up early because of one critical factor: health. Wake up early/sleeping early reduces incidence of sinus and irritable bowel/stomach significantly. Also, this negate the need to have second supper (as I sometimes need to do if I sleep late).

How early? About 9 am hehehe. So I try to sleep by 1 am.

On a related matter, it's the monsoon season and it has been raining, usually heavily, almost everyday and thus rendering the pool too cold to swim. So as alternative, I either brisk walk on the treadmill or do yoga.
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