Morning routine

Since I blogged about wanting to wake up earlier, I have been rather successfully waking up any time between 9am and 10am more regularly. Yay :)

I read an article on tips of how to get up in the morning. Ever since I started working nearly two decades ago, I always had a hard time waking up. Always felt drowsy and groggy. So these tips were intriguing.

There were 5 tips. I remember only 4 of them: 
(1) have something to look forward to do the next day, 
(2) drink a glass of water,
(3) brush teeth, and
(4) movement.

Re point (1), it is no wonder it was hard to wake up when I was working full time previously because, like most people, I didn't fancy going to work (do you?). Yes, I'm good at my work but not enthusiastic about it.

As for point (2), I have been drinking a glass of water every morning for sometime now. It was upon advice from an aunt for combating sinus. Incidentally, it does help with the morning sinus. The difference now is that that's the very first thing I do once I wake up. The theory is that our body is relatively dehydrated and thus quite weak when we first wake up.

The next thing I do is point (3). I guess doing points (2) and (3) contribute to point (4). I continue with washing face, shaving and fold blanket. 

Then I have a glass of soy milk with oat for breakfast while settling in front of my laptop. By then the drowsiness is gone. So yes, it works. Just need to make it a habit.
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