Petrol Dec 14

Oh, the last update I posted was in Feb 14. It sure felt much longer than that :)

Petrol cost 25Dec14

Unlike previously, I combined all data because there were a few changes to the petrol price in the last 2 months that I forgot to keep track.

Going forward, there should be even more frequent changes to the price because starting 1 Dec this year, Malaysian government has removed petrol subsidy. It is still a controlled item though because they still determine the price on the 1st of each month by averaging the market price of the previous month.

I prefer to have the subsidy remained for reason I stated in a previous post. By amazing coincidence, the petrol price globally has dropped significantly (by almost half!) and so even though the subsidy is fully removed, the price didn't shoot up dramatically. Lucky government. On the other hand, their revenue has shrunk a lot.

Are they channeling the saving to good use? I very much doubt so. In fact, they are raising even more revenue with the implementation of GST in April next year. Yup, have to recoup all money spent (like water) during the last general election. Possibly trying to plug a black hole in the form of a rather dubious new sovereign fund.

Based on the graph above, looks like the average cost is about 15 cents per km. Please ignore the tail end spikes because twice I inadvertently didn't fill up to full tank. Gah.
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