Sushi Zanmai @Paradigm Mall

When I first started living in KL, I love dining at Sushi Zanmai at One Utama because of their Salmon Zanmai set. Later, however, I stopped going there since I discovered their portion to be significantly smaller than other restaurants.

So it heartens me that the same set at Paradigm Mall's outlet (newer mall) is better in size. Well, either that or other places have reduced their portion over the years :) Another good news is that Ban likes that set too and the bonus is that the serving is good enough for him that he normally doesn't need to order anything else. Yes, that means it's very filling for me.

Recently, while waiting for our sets to arrive, I spotted this sad-looking Inari on the conveyor belt:

Sushi Zanmai 1

It's possibly the smallest Inari I've seen. Ban pointed out that it was on the white plate and thus the cheapest (RM 1.80) but since other food on such plates were bigger, this stood out for its pathetic size.

When our sets arrived, I went looking for the smoked salmon. Ban and I usually exchanged his salmon belly sushi with my smoked salmon sushi as per our preference. Can you spot the latter in the picture below?

Sushi Zanmai 2

We couldn't find them and was wondering that on earth were those pale looking sushi? I tasted one and confirmed that they were smoked salmon - the palest smoked salmon I've ever seen. As William said, we hit the jackpot of having albino salmon :P
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