Arata: a blip?

Ban and I are fond of the udon restaurant Arata. I love their udon, both dry and soup but I stay away from their hot green tea because they charge RM 3 for a cup that uses teabag. Too expensive. Other Japanese restaurants charge between RM 1 and RM 2.50 and not of the teabag variety.

One of my favourite combo is to order their dry udon that comes with okura (sliced lady's finger) and pieces of fried sweet tofu and I would choose char siu as topping. You can see the photo here in this post of the char siu that they typically serve.

As expected, the serving size of the char siu is different than that shown on their menu:

Arata 7

That's fine by me as the actual serving size is adequate for me and it's juicy and delicious...usually.

During a recent visit, this was what they served me:

Arata 8

Pathetic, right? Not only it was smaller than usual, it was dry and that crossed the line. I just had to give them feedback and I did overhear the waiter providing my feedback to the chef. This happened probably once or twice before. Well, hopefully they'll fix it and don't make it a habit.

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