Deception 4: Blood Ties

Deception 4 Blood ties

Ban got this game for his birthday recently (from me and a friend). He wanted the latest version (Nightmare Princess) but checks with local store, online store, eBay and Lelong only had it for PS4 and PS Vita platforms, not PS3. It was much later he found out that you could buy the PS3 version as digital download from PS store. Oh well.

It is essentially a game of traps. You control a character, laying down and activating traps on your enemies. I like the idea but somehow I don't like this game, citing it being gory.

Later, I took a little time to ponder over my dislike. This game is similar to Orcs Must Die 2, a game that I like and it does have its share of blood and severed body parts albeit not as gory. So why the difference in preference?

I concluded that this is because in Orcs Must Die 2, the enemies are orcs who are out to wreck mayhem on the human world. They are the bad guys in the game. In Blood Ties, however, your character is the Devil's daughter who is trying to set free her father. The Devil was imprisoned by the Saints. Her enemies are the decendants of the Saint. So it is difficult for me to emphatise with the Blood Ties' protaganist, although later Ban said not all the enemies are good people. For the really good ones, Ban chooses to capture rather than kill them :)

I find this interesting. Seems that storyline does matter quite significantly to me in determining whether I will play a game or not.
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