Duel of Champions: the end

It's been a long time since I blogged about this game. The last post was about my 17th Swiss win :)

Since then, I probably dueled fewer than 10 times. The community has weakened significantly due to the static nature of the game currently. There's no new content for a long time until recently. Top players have stopped playing. Streamers have left. No more 9-month long competition to keep players going.

I decided that I would actively play it again once they fix the "spectate" mode. I viewed that as a sign of commitment by the developer.

Unfortunately, more bad news came in the latest announcement "Draft Mode Deployment, and the Future".

Duel of Champions will not be receiving any additional updates after the Draft Mode. We know that this is not what many of you were hoping for. However, this does not represent the end of the game.

Oh no, you're wrong. It is definitely the beginning of the end of the game. If there's no new content, experienced players just go away. New players would eventually go away too. Lack of competition does not help either. All these in turn reduce player base and thus weaken the community. Fewer new deck ideas. Less help given.

I'm sad for the game. I love the game mechanics. Many experienced players who have played MTG and Hearthstone still say that DoC is still the best despite its shortcoming. But good game mechanics by itself cannot prop up the game for long.

Goodbye DoC. I will miss you and of course the many friendly players that I've met.
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