Yen and USD

Suddenly the plane plunged and there was nearly a disaster! The pilot somehow managed to pull up the plane in time to avoid crashing into buildings. Omg, I nearly had a heart attack!

Plane managed to arrive at an airport in Japan and (apparently) in transit to US. Since many people disembarked the plane, I followed suit to explore the airport. The first food shop I came across was McD @@ Lol, fancy that.

Well, I thought why not try Japan's McD. I know OZ's McD's burger tasted a little different to that in Malaysia and Singapore. However, there was a long queue and to my surprise, I didn't have any Yen and not even USD which would be needed at my final destination.

Then it occurred to me that this may not be real! I could be dreaming. I said this to a fellow passenger and (I think) she looked at me strangely. She did, however, urged me to try McD.

Out of the blue, a "friend" lent his phone to pay for it. Wow, McD in Japan's airport accept phone credit as payment? Incidentally, the phone didn't look "smart" at all. So strange.

Oh, I sheepishly told the "friend" that I couldn't remember who he was. He laughed, saying that he was Jerry, Alex's friend. Still didn't ring a bell but I didn't want to risk more embarrassment and so I just smiled and nodded my head hehehe.

Later, I discovered how strange the airplane's toilet was: it was large with a common urinal area plus a few cubicles @@

All this made so much sense later...when I woke up :)
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  1. zerachiel Says:

    samhain is nearing...

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  3. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    What's samhain?