Robocraft: selected screenshots

Dominant BA team

I think it was my 1m RR medic bot, Mercy, in this Battle Arena ("BA") game. Although I was at the bottom of my team, it's obvious that the team was dominant. Look at the number of kills by the top 3 scorers. Unbelievable! Anything about 20+ kills is amazing. The amount of damage done by them were astounding too

Also, look at the overclock of my team (the numbers besides the players' name at the top left). They are all more than double their counterparts in the opposing them. Game over in less than 14 mins. Normally it takes about 20 mins.

Top of team but thorough TDM loss

On the other hand, this was a dismal team performance in a Team Death Match ("TDM"). I'm 4th overall and 1st in my team but no amount of healing (I healed the most) could save the slaughter of my team. I can't remember which bot was this.

Best TDM for Doombringer

This is the best TDM performance by my 96k RR plasma bomber, Baby Forest. I was lucky that aside from one SMG tank, nobody on the opposing team was paying attention to me. Well, I did severely injure 2 of them before they could blink :) I guess it helped that I let my team's ground troops moved ahead first to draw the enemies' attention (something I learn from Lathland and Shomofo) before I sneaked in to flank them. Good team!

Lovebeam Mercy in action

My Lovebeam Mercy in action in a TDM :)

I think my team won this. It was much later I learned from Lathland that Grigerbest is a good megabot player.

I love this medic bot. I probably played with this bot more than others. Problem is that, its role is almost exclusively a support role, unlike my bomber who can solo if he wants too. Hence, it really depends on team mates, especially ground troops.
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