Investment: short update Oct 2015

Share market has been going down for past few months. STI is down by about 10%. Some of my shares are down much more than that. The Great Singapore Share Sale is on! Lol.

Unfortunately, I run out of warchest. I took the opportunity to sell some SBS Transit shares (it was significantly in the black for some time). Its dividend yield has been below 5% for years already and that's more than enough time I've given them to turn around. Yes, I reinvested the proceed into some other shares.

Then came some bad news: my tenant, due to family health issue, has to move out (with my consent as otherwise he is bound by agreement to run the course of the lease). So now my agent is looking for a new tenant. He said that rental market is bad now. Some units took 6 months to rent out :( Hopefully I'll get a good tenant soon.

Wish me good luck!
2 Responses
  1. thompsonboy Says:

    The market is not bad....its very very bad actually. I met some agents driving Uber cars because there's just not enough work