Robocraft: Lovebeam Mercy

After honing my medic skill with Mercy for quite some time, I decided it was time to build a MK10 version of it. I had planned to follow someone's build but changed my mind because I believed my build might be better.

Here it is, at Robo Ranking 34m:

Lovebeam Mercy 1

Lovebeam Mercy 2

Lovebeam Mercy 3

Based on an earlier estimation, there was no way to simply upgrade Mercy (which now has an extra gun, at the expense of the 2 side small shields) with MK10 parts because of CPU limit. So at the outset, I decided to forgo 2 sets of MK10.7 shields on the sides. That gave me more than enough CPU space to upgrade the guns. To compensate, I made use of MK10.1 and MK10.2 shields to protect the sides as much as possible. I also used MK10.1 shields to protect the top and bottom guns, although it's arguable whether they're needed for the latter or not.

After I was done, I still had like 30+ spare CPU. I was surprised. Aside from the shields I forgo, the more compact size (a little puzzled how I did it hahaha) of the build probably contributed to excess CPU. So I tried to put a jammer but alas, there was simply no space for it. I guess you can't have it all. Also, since I'm following team mates by default and trying not to solo, radar and jammer are not as crucial as for, say, a plasma bomber.

I love this upgraded version. It's more compact and better at taking down towers. It is, however, best use to heal team mates. Below is a video (with notation) of a good match I was in. Both teams started with full team but later, we lost 1 member and I suspect the opposing team probably did too.

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