Extroverted Introvert?

Came across this recent: 6 Signs You’re An Extroverted Introvert

I was intrigued because I thought maybe I am one. However, looking at the list,

1. Likely not applicable.

2. Maybe but not for lack of time but because of laziness hahaha. I know that if I just get on with it, I will likely enjoy the outing, like many times in the past.

3. Not true because I don't think I make friends easily and also often I put much more effort in maintaining the friendship than the other party.

4. This is the one that resonates most with me, especially the word "empty". I dislike huge gathering of friends because I find that I simply do not have time to catch up properly with everyone and we're merely stucked at "how's the weather" kind of conversation. I almost always make it a point to organise a few small gatherings, rather than one huge one.

5. Hahaha nope, not at all :) However, if those people in the group are not already my friends or they converse about topics that I have no interest at all or speak in a language I do not know, then of course I just keep quiet and likely try to get out of the gathering as soon as possible.

6. No, not applicable.

So I guess I'm not one?
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