Atlas Reactor: Asana (incredible!)

Atlas Reactor Asana 838 Grey 316 others 500s

For almost two weeks, Atlas Reactor (still in beta) was open to everyone and it was great to see many new players trying this game. Even better, I personally heard some players planning to buy or had already bought this game after trying it out for a few days. Awesome :)

In the midst of this open access period, they also introduced a new Freelancer: Blackburn, a firepower. So I, along with many people, was keen to try him out. Unsurprisingly, there were duplicates regularly and sometimes I was forced by the game to choose another Freelancer. Seeing that my team didn't have a frontline, I chose Asana whom I've been actively leveling up recently.

This game was spectacular for a couple of reasons:

(1) We had no death! Yes, we won 5-0 on turn 15. Mind you, I didn't think we were stomping over the opposing team. I suspect that we somehow did more focus firing than them. At the end of the game, our Quark player was amazed that no one died - a first for him as a support :)

(2) My Asana had the highest contribution among both teams: 838. The lowest was 316 by enemy's Grey. The rest had contribution of about 500+. Yes, I did exceptionally well :) Noticed that despite being a frontline, I did the most damage, with team mate Lockwood came in a close second.
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