Overwatch: Junkrat

Junkrat is one of my favourite heroes I use mainly for King of the Hill (KotH) maps and some Capture Points maps when on defense. In fact, for the competitive mode, I only use Mercy, Lucio, Junkrat and sometimes D.Va.

His Frag Launcher, with no cool-down, throws out grenades. He can throw out 5 grenades before needing to reload. It has both direct and splash damage (the former is bigger). Due to its splash damage, it takes less aiming than, say, McCree or Soldier 76 but on you still have to learn to aim at a certain area to hit them as those grenades would bounce maybe twice before exploding on their own. Since I'm not a good FPS player, this suits me better :)

He can also throw Concussion Mine (with cool-down) and manually explode it to damage enemies. It does the same damage as the direct damage of his grenade but with an additional effect: it bounces enemies up in the air. It's great to change the direction of enemies' shot especially then they're using ultimate. Imagine doing that to McCree when he's about to trigger his shots during Deadeye :)

The mine can also be used to let Junkrat jump high up in the air (without hurting him) in a particular direction depending on how his movement at the point of detonation. I actively use this to quickly get away from enemies that are dangerous to him (e.g. Winston, Symmetra).

The last non-ultimate ability is to lay down a Steel Trap (with cool-down) that damages any enemy who steps on it. It partially sinks into the ground and so enemies need to actively look for it to avoid being trapped. Once trapped, there is no way of getting out for a few seconds, not even Tracer's Blink and Recall. Once triggered, I would be notified and I can try to finish off the trapped enemy.

A favourite tactic is to also lay down the mine in it and detonate it as soon as the trap is triggered. That will certainly kill any squishies. Another favourite use is to use it to alert me of enemy trying to get to me when I am, say, lobbing grenades from higher ground.

Junkrat's ultimate, Rip-Tire, can kill anyone with its direct damage and all squishies with its splash damage. However, it has only 100 hp and can be destroyed. So it's better to take indirect path to ambush enemies.

Finally, even in his death, Junkrat can kill his killer: upon death, he drops 5 grenades. That's more than enough to kill any squishies. So do get closer to enemies when nearing death :)

I have recorded, to date, 13 highlights/play-of-the-game and here's a selected few:

Unlocked the achievement "Roadkill": kill 4 enemies with a single use of Junkrat's RIP-Tire in quick or competitive play.

I thought killing Bastion in his tank mode with rip-tire was worth it. Mercy was a bonus :) Remember, Bastion is a priority for your team to kill. Game lasted only 3.5 mins. I had ulti only once.

One of my favourite places in Dorado map. Together with a team mate or two, I killed enemies with grenades and mine.

A successful kill of Reinhardt-Bastion-Mercy combo.
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