Atlas Reactor: Radium Quark

My Quark has finally hit the max level of 10! I then get to unlock what I think is the best skin (Radium) that can be purchased with in-game currency.

Atlas Reactor Radium Quark

The default starting skin is Xenon, which is not bad looking.

Atlas Reactor Xenon Quark

This level 6 skin, Radon, is too garish for me lol. So I never use it:

Atlas Reactor Radon Quark

This level 8 skin, Neon, is the next best in my opinion although someone did say that it makes him look like a candy @@.

Atlas Reactor Neon Quark

Oh, I also started using a different modifier for his ultimate ability Positronic Surge. Previously, I used the default modifier, Power Surge, which grants allies might for that turn. However, at times this was a waste because my allies were running away instead of dealing damage to enemies. This is not surprising though because Quark's ultimate ability heals allies and so I try to use it when healing is needed for multiple allies.

So now I use the modifier Luminosity which heals allies for 5 health a turn for the next 2 turns. I believed this is more consistently useful than the default modifier. As usual, I prefer consistency :)
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