Upgrade to Windows 10

As I mentioned in the passing in this post, my laptop's OS qualified for free upgrade to Windows 10. Since Microsoft will stop (or has stopped already) supporting Windows 8, I really don't see the upgrade as a choice and so I upgraded.

It was quite a fast and painless experience. Dell made it easier by telling me my Alienware laptop was ready for the upgrade without issues as they had checked and tested the model. As usual, I searched the internet and changed some settings to suit my personal taste as well as minimise privacy intrusion (especially information passed to Microsoft via Cortana!).

Upon completion of the upgrade, this was what I got on the screen:

Upgrade to Windows 10

Okkkkkk. Good to know, I supposed. But wait a minute: why would they want to insert this message?Does this mean in previous upgrades, some files were moved?
4 Responses
  1. William Says:

    I'm staying at Win7.

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Why ar? Do you think Win10 is worse? Also, Win7 will no longer be supported wor.

  3. Aiden Says:

    How is Win10 in terms of the user experience so far? Is it better?

  4. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    No discernible difference compared to Win8.