Atlas Reactor: Asana (part 1)

Asana is a frontline freelancer and the squishiest of them all, but luckily she has some abilities that help her survive better.

I think she's the second frontline freelancer I tried after Garrison. Including Rask, she's the least successful among them in terms of win rate. She's classified as "medium" difficulty and I agree that she's a little harder to use compared to Garrison (who's classified as "easy"). Still, she's still fun and effective.

Atlas Reactor Asana 1st ability

Her main ability, Whirling Blade, damages nearby enemies in a 270 degree arc. Default modifier, Swordmaster, increases the damage by 3 per enemy hit (oh yes, that's an increase of 9 if you hit 3 enemies). However, my innate playstyle is defensive and so I choose the modifier Leech Blade which gives her 5 health per enemy hit.

Hence, this ability allows her to deal lots of damage and heals quite a bit when hitting multiple enemies.

Atlas Reactor Asana 2nd ability

Her 2nd ability, Rebounding Charge, allows her to dash and damages enemy hit that way. She will then automatically chase that enemy for that turn i.e. during movement phase, she will move to where the enemy moves (normally there's no movement phase if you use Dash ability). Interestingly this dash can bounce of walls and so she can get to places (or enemy) that other freelancers cannot.

Default modifier, Fleet Footed, increase the range of each bounce and thus allows her to do some spectacular Cirque du Soleil-like bounces lol, and reach unimaginable places. However, due to change in modifiers of other abilities, I have to unequip this modifier.

Atlas Reactor Asana 3rd ability

Her 3rd ability, Stand And Fight!, causes damage to and root enemy at medium range. Very useful to stop enemy from fleeing, or from advancing closer to your squishy allies.

Default modifier, Atomic Edge, increases the damage substantially. I retain this modifier.

Atlas Reactor Asana 4th ability

Her 4th ability, Retribution, is a free action Prep ability which grants her shield and deals 12 indirect damage to enemy who deals direct damage to her.

Default modifier, Iron Will, increase the shield strength by 5. However, I choose Immolation which increases the indirect damage by 50%! Hence, I activate this ability only if I'm fairly certain there are at least 2 enemies who will hit her. If I anticipate correctly, that's already a total damage of at least 36 plus damage from whatever other ability I use (usually 1st or 3rd ability).

Atlas Reactor Asana ultimate ability

Her ultimate ability, Guardian Angel, targets an ally (or allies), and grants shield to you and that ally (or allies). That's just during Prep phase. During Dash phase, she teleports to that ally (allies) and damages all nearby enemies. So it increases her survivability due the shield and the teleportation (away from danger). If in good health, she can also use this to protect allies and body block fatal shots for them.

Default modifier, Saviour, allows her to leap anywhere on the map. Too good not to use it!
2 Responses
  1. soul232 Says:

    New game? the moment i read, it sounds a bit like Overwatch haha

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Released since late last year? Still in close Beta. There's a week of free try-out now i.e. 8-14 July.

    It's actually a simultaneous turn-based game. You can read more in my post:

    or go to their website. Do try it out now :)