Atlas Reactor: Asana (part 2)

Atlas Reactor Asana Retribution (finishing blow x2)

This is one of the longest games I had in Atlas Reactor: 32m 27s, 34 turns, score 9-8.

I wanted to level up my Quark to 10 (which I did so a few days later, yay!) but game asked me to choose another because there was already a Quark in the team. It automatically suggested Asana. I do not know whether it did some sort of calculation to suggest that or it was purely random, but for certain there was no Frontline character in the team (1 Support, 2 Firepowers). There are 3 Frontline freelancers I'm comfortable playing: Asana, Garrison and Rask. I chose Asana (as suggested by the game) for reasons I don't remember now :P

Game was very close but hilarious at times due to exchanges in the "All" chat.

At score 4 - 4 (remember that 5 kills by turn 20 is a win):

Enemy's Grey: ggwp
*Followed immediately by our team mate's death and thus the score became 4 - 5*
Our Gremolition: Or is it?
*Followed by a death on enemy's team and so equalising the score to 5 - 5*
Enemy's Grey: what?!
*plenty of lol hehehe*

This happened again at 5 - 5, with enemy's Grey thinking they had the sudden death win over us but we equalised again, with our Gremolition voicing out, "Or is it?" again hahaha.

However, at 6 - 6, enemy's Grey thought they lost ("We lost.") because one of them was clearly going to die but once again our Gremolition said, "Or is it?!" followed by a death on our side, bringing the score to 7 - 7. Some players exclaimed how close this game was.

At this point, unfortunately, enemy's Garrison disconnected and thus taken over by a bot. What a bummer.

Remember Asana's Retribution ability? I believed I used it quite well in this game (probably explained the 3rd highest damage overall!). Twice it caused 36 damage to Garrison because she was hit by his delayed Missile Barrage as well as one other ability during the same turn. The first time, he winced in pain (i.e. pointed in chat the huge amount of damage he received) and the second time she killed him. This was on top of the damage she did with another ability (it's a free action to activate Retribution).

One funny moment was when enemy's Gremolition, already low in health, dashed away from beside my Asana when she had Retribution activated. Gremolition Dash ability deals damage to nearby enemies at the location where he left and at the locations where he land. I did anticipate he would do that and was expecting him to drop dead soon after dashing.

However, if you recall, each turn goes through 4 phases: Prep, Dash, Blast, Movement. So even though my Retribution dealt more than enough damage to kill him by the end of Dash phase, the game was smart enough to calculate that there might be a change he could still be alive if he somehow received healing during remaining 2 phases. So the score wasn't updated until game was certain that no amount of healing was going to keep him alive. When it did,

Enemy's Grey: Huh? How did you die?
Enemy's Gremolition: Retribution


All hail the Angel of Vengeance!
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