Caved in

Since the onset of my current sickness, I tried to let my body heal itself by just eating right and getting lots of rest. With respect to the latter, I had to take some medicine so that phlegm/cough wouldn't prevent me from having a good sleep.

However, it wasn't working well because I had work to do, both actuarial projects and tuition. The past week I felt dull. I couldn't get myself interested in the usual things, found it hard to concentrate, had less patience, etc. I had to cut down some of the usual activities from my daily routine. No exercise. Very little reading of investment news. Read no actuarial news. I could barely work.

I don't know how some people could tough it out without seeing doctor and taking medication. There was definitely improvement in the illness but it wasn't fast enough because I had work to do. So after tuition on Friday, I caved in and saw a doctor nearby.

I feel better now and more importantly I feel my usual self coming back. Phew.

I have loved ones who are suffering from illness that leaves them easily fatigued and experienced the emotional symptoms described above. It is terrible to have such illness that's not easily "cured". I hope that they will get well soon.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I am with you -- don't believe in toughing it out. Doctors are there to be used for their expertise, and meds are there to be used to keep me as comfortable as possible when I feel unwell. sr