Grilled chicken and watercress soup

At the dawn of May, I decided to cook these two dishes - a combination of the last two dishes I cooked - for dinner.

Grilled chicken May

I marinated the chicken (and left it overnight in the fridge) with light and dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, white pepper powder, garlic and parsley powder, cornflour and olive oil. Grilled it over medium heat for about half an hour (I think!). Ban and I liked it although I don't think it's as good as previously. I suspect this was due to lesser dark soy sauce and olive oil.

Watercress soup with wolfberry

I boiled this soup the same way as previously except that

  • at the beginning, I poured in boiling water on the cut-up chicken meat and threw it away after boiling it for a few minutes. It was a method that my sister used and gotten from my dad to get rid of the scum. It worked beautifully as I didn't need to continuously scoop out the scum later like previously; and
  • I added wolfberries, which changed the taste a little bit. Sweeter.
Ban and I liked the soup too and there was some leftover for the next day too.

Unfortunately, the next day was the onset of my illness. Bah.

4 Responses
  1. William Says:

    Don't be too heavy-handed with the wolfberries. Too much will make it sour. For sweetness always go for dates.

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Oh I didn't know wolfberries are sour. I didn't put a lot of them though, luckily.

  3. khai Says:

    Yeah, dates better...

  4. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Yes, I know but I happen to have wolfberries mah. Just saje place a few biji lor.