Chap fan (mixed rice)

I am a fan of chap fan because it's the cheapest balanced food I can get hold of. I have it every day for lunch, except for Sun, and would probably have it more often if I could buy it at other meal times. Unfortunately, it's difficult to do so for dinner.

My favourite place is the one near Ban's place where I'm given regular customer's price. I usually will have 1 egg/tofu + 2 veg and be charged RM3.50, rather than RM3.80. Even at the normal price, it is cheaper than many places in PJ.

In Butterworth, food is generally so much cheaper than PJ. For example, a bowl of noodle costs RM3 compared to RM4.50 in PJ. The only exception is chap fan. Generally, chap fan there is about the same price as PJ's and so that makes it looks expensive when compared to other food.

Fortunately, my sister came across a place in Butterworth that sells cheap chap fan. In fact, for 1 tofu + 2 veg, I was charged only RM3.20. So cheap! Tasted good as well.

A trivia: instead of styrofoam box typically used in PJ, that shop in Butterworth uses card box. Yay to recycling!
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  1. William Says:

    Try those RM2 vegetarian shops