Pre and post election

I was supposed to go back to Seremban on Friday to vote on Sunday. On Thursday morning, I woke up with a very painful sorethroat. I had to tutor my student that morning too but luckily he was quite cooperative that day. Come to think of it, he seems to be more cooperative this year compared to previous years.

My illness worsened that night as phlegm started to accumulate non-stop throughout the night. This resulted in coughing. Decent sleep was elusive. When Friday morning dawned, it was a forgone conclusion that there was no way that I could drive back home and get well in time to vote on Sunday.

Even now, my cough is still there albeit a drier one. I now have runny nose whenever the effect of medicine runs out. Gah. I really need to get well soon as I have some errands to run and also work to do.

The election was fraught with phantom voters, extra ballot boxes magically appearing towards the end of counting process, dubious foreign voters gangsterism and indelible ink that wasn't indelible. Gah. They were blatant dirty acts by the incumbent government to hold on to power. The police and election commission were in cahoot with the government in destroying this very fundamental democratic right.

If such right is not honoured, what more can the people do? Judiciary's independence is questionable. Police cannot be relied upon. Mainstream media is government-controlled. Very frustrating.

Yes, BN won but thank goodness not with a two third majority. In fact, it won fewer seats than previously.

Overall, I choose to view the outcome on a slightly positive light. Opposition won more ground. What's even more heartening and inspiring is the fortitude and determination shown by Malaysians, regardless of age, race and religion, to have free and fair election to the extent that they sometimes put themselves in harm way too. They protected each other and the integrity of the election as much as possible.

Let's hope for a better GE 14th!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    BN winning over 130 parliamentary seats as compared to oppostion's 89 is somewhat very dubious and suspicious! It just doesn't make sense. I'm working in the Legal field and even my fellow Legal professionals agreed that the number just don't seem right, it is quite embarrassing as it clearly shows some hanky panky.
    If BN won with 100-112 seats, that is still believable, but seriously, 133? and BN is the least popular...