Sick, sick, sick

Gosh, this illness is still going on after 1 week. Look at how it has changed so far:

  1. Sorethroat
  2. Sorethroat worsened, phlegm accumulation, backdrip, cough
  3. Sorethroat, phlegm accumulation, backdrip, cough worsened
  4. Sorethroat lessened, phlegm lessen, backdrip lessen, cough, runny nose
  5. Sorethroat, phlegm lessen but thicker, backdrip lessen
  6. Sorethroat, thick yellowish phelgm, backdrip lessened, cough less frequent but "deeper"
  7. Sorethroat, thick yellowish/greenish phlegm, cough
On top of this, I had work to do to meet a deadline next week. Due to illness and lethargy, I couldn't put in solid number of hours each day to work. As a result, I had to cut down the usual stuff I do each day e.g. I stopped reading the daily news e-mailed by IAAust, I rarely read investment news, no daily walks, no computer/board games.

I also realised that normally I can visit my sister in Australia after school term ends for the year and before the following year's school term starts i.e. after Oct and before Mar due to tutoring a student. However, due to projects that I've committed to so far, it looks unlikely I can visit her this year or early next year. This is because such projects have regulatory deadline of around 31 Mar and so work has to be done approximately 4 months before that.

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  1. William Says:

    Life is always good without deadlines