Grilled chicken: 2 ways

Grilled chicken two ways

For quite sometime, I thought of grilling chicken marinated with curry powder and soya sauce and so one day, I suggested to Ban to have home cooked dinner. He, however, didn't like the curry powder seasoning and so I split the chicken (via my karate chop :P) and marinated half of it with oyster sauce, dark soya sauce and a little black pepper powder. I've also used some cornflour and olive oil for both types.

Gosh, I can't remember how long I grilled the chicken pieces. I remember starting off with the highest heat and then gradually toned it down before finally switching it off after checking a piece was cooked properly.

I was happy that the chicken wasn't dry, as it could easily be so especially since I de-skinned it as much as I could (Ban doesn't eat skin and I don't eat much of it either) and also it was chicken breast part. I guess the olive oil helped a lot :)

The curry powder version was not bad but not as good as I expected. A little bland. The other version was tasty yum yum. My first guess was because of the dark soya sauce (with caramel within it) but it could also be the teensy bit of MSG within the black pepper powder (Ajinomoto brand). Next time I'll try it without the MSG and hopefully it would be just as delicious.
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  1. khai Says:

    you should put some lee and perri also (black pper one).... =D

  2. khai Says:

    for curry chicken, I used two different curry powder..:P
    "watch brand " curry powder and "cap tabus"

  3. khai Says:

    Sorry,is "lea and perrins"

    They call it as Worcestershire sauce...Most of the western food, use it and it taste different compare with soy sauce.. :P