Crab noodle

Crab noodle Canberra

Does it look delicious? Just make a wild guess where the restaurant that served this is. Here's a small/big (depends on your locality of course) clue: Prince Palace.

I had this on the first day of Chinese New Year for lunch. Unlike many Chinese restaurants in Malaysia, price of seafood was not hugely inflated at Prince Palace for Chinese New Year. I was a little surprised that the restaurant brought out the crab to confirm with customers that they were fine with the selection. Then again, those customers wanted the smallest crab and perhaps the restaurant just wanted to avoid any dispute over the size of the crab.

It was my first time having such dish and it was better than I expected. I took my chances with taking a non-pincer piece and yes, it once again reaffirmed my belief that it's not worth digging for its flesh. I normally let crabmeat lovers have all the crab pieces because they derived so much more enjoyment than I do. However, I would gladly accept the pincers if they insist I partake in the feast :)

Oh, yes, and I had this lunch with my sister and her Canberra :P We had delicious and definitely too much food for lunch on hindsight and had to pack some leftover.

I did the opposite with my parents back in Malaysia: on the second day of Chinese New Year, we had Western food at Windmill Station. The set meals were cheaper than usual because of the coupons that we had. Hence, it was way cheaper than having dinner at a Chinese restaurant.
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  1. Ban Says:

    crabby is annoying to makan...