Wheel of Time: A Memory of Light (Part 2)

Continuing from Part 1, here are my thoughts on the remaining sections of the books. Again, SPOILER ahead!

(15) Blindsided. Yup, by the Sharans. Once upon a time, I had expected Sharans to join the Last Battle against the Dark One but I was totally surprised they were duped by Demandred into helping them. On the other hand, this explains lack of evidence of Demandred's action since it was all done in the other side of the world.

(16) The unceremonious departure of Shaidar Hairan is truly unsatisfying.

(17) I love this exchange between Egwene and Tuon:

"Yes. You speak of hating the collar, but if you were to wear it and see, you would find it a more peaceful life. We do not torture our damane. We care for them, and allow them to live lives of privilege."
"You don't know, do you?" Egwene asked.
"I am the Empress," Fortuona said. "My domination extends across seas, and the realms of my protection encompass all that humankind knows and thinks. If there are things I do not know, they are known by those in my Empire, for I am the Empire."
"Delightful," Egwene said. "And does your Empire realize that I wore one of your collars? That I was once trained by your sul'dam?"
Fortunona stiffened, then rewarded Egwene with a look of shock, although she covered it immediately.
"I was in Falme," Egwene said. "A damane, trained by Renna. Yes, I have your collar, woman. I found no peace there. I found pain, humiliation, and terror."

(18) Again, no cut scene on Lan and Siuan meeting Moirane again. It could probably be rather emotional. Sigh.

(19) It was very appropriate that Min's talent was much coveted by the Empress.

(20) Finally a great captain struggled against Compulsion (he didn't know that that was what he was under but he felt its effect) and there was a scene for it (unlike some other significant incidents). Another spoke about his uncharacteristic "mistakes".

(21) I like the way the Compulsion on the great captains lead to the leadership of the army moved to Mat. I was wondering how he would be deeply involved in the Last Battle, seeing how he tried to avoid it from the start :)

(22) The subtle Compulsion on Perrin by Lanfear was really...subtle. Which begs the question: why didn't they do this at the start? Why didn't the Forsaken try it on the major non-channelers figures? In fact, why didn't the male Forsaken do that to all the female channelers since the latter couldn't tell whether a man is channeling or not? For example, Halima aka Aran'gar could have woven Compulsion on Egwene without the latter ever knowing.

(23) Hahaha good one Egwene

"You are running from the Seanchan guards," Egwene said, "Weren't you listening...Of course you weren't. It is pleasant to know that, as the world crumbles, a few things are completely unchangeable. Cuendillar and Mat Cauthon."

(24) No death scene for Siuan, Bryne and Bashere. Humph!

(25) Sweet vindication for Nynaeve. *thumb's up*

There were those who, in the White Tower, had mocked her reliance on ordinary healing techniques. What could two hands and thread do that the One Power could not?
If any of those women had been here instead of Nynaeve, the world would have ended.

(26) A mighty salute to Egwene awesome battle and sacrifice. Her Flame of Tar Valon weave was very timely.

(27) I love this quote:

We are reborn so we can do better the next time. So do better.

(28) Hahaha at times, I felt the same as Mat did here:

Blood and bloody ashes. Even dead women treated him the way Nynaeve did. Where did they learn it? Were there secret lessons?

(29) Androl, Pevara and gang were great in getting the seals as well as imprisoning Dreadlords and Black Ajah sisters in a stedding via trickery.

(30) Why is there no scene of what transpired between Hawking and Fortuona? It would have been one juicy exchange.

(31) Either the suldam was being naughty or the order from Tuon wasn't filtered down properly to her subjects or (even worse) it wasn't filtered down at all. As an agreement with Rand, the Seanchan couldn't collar any of his allies during the Last Battle (among other conditions). So how did the suldam know that Moghedien wasn't an ally? She reasoned that the latter didn't wear an Aes Sedai ring (but Novice also didn't wear ring!) and that the latter was skulking. Those reasons hardly meant the captured person wasn't an ally, though of course we readers knew it lah.

(32) So, Rand regenerated the Dark One's "prison" or more like barrier but that doesn't really prevent anyone in future to do research and search for new source of power (again), does it? That may lead to drilling of the Bore...again. The Pattern truly repeats the Ages, huh?

(33) A popular reason why Elayne, Aviendha and Min weren't beside Rand when he was dying was because they knew Rand had switched bodies with Moridin. How they knew? Because they would have felt their bonds shifted too. However, this doesn't explain why they kept quiet, as though they knew of Rand's plan to fake his death. When did they know this? Sigh. Yet another whole scene not shown.

(34) Why would Birgitte prefer Olver to throw the Horn into the ocean? Hello? It could be needed again many Ages later, when some other fool(s) drill hole into the Bore.

(35) Alivia helped Rand "to die" by merely getting him clothes and money? Goodness. So anti-climatic.

(36) What was Rand's new power in lighting up his pipe? He couldn't channel the One Power or the True Power by then. Really? Something new for us on the second last page of the entire series? Gah.
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