Ninja drivers

One morning, I joined my dad for breakfast. Just as we drove off from the house, he said that he also wanted to drop some prescription at two different locations to get medicine for my mum and himself. He asked me whether that was ok for me. truth, I only signed up for breakfast, not any other places and I had other plans too after breakfast. I didn't make a fuss about it though.

After breakfast, he then also wanted to register to see a doctor at yet another location @_@ All in all, my guess is that we took about 20-25 mins to go to these 3 locations and for him to complete his errands at those places. Time, that coincidentally, would have enabled me to be punctual for my lunch appointment later that day.

Note to self: always double confirm where else dad wants to go when he invites me to join his excursion.

When I told Ban this, he said, "That's one step better than my brother."

"One step better? How so?"

"My brother doesn't even bother to tell me the extra places he's going. That's why I usually insist on driving for dinner."

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    That is typical M'ysian. Of course, in future, you've got to ask, and also tell you have prior engagement. sr