Butterworth chendol

During my last trip to Penang, I didn't have the chance of having teochew chendol there although I was at the shop. I was at the tail-end of my recovery from cough and didn't want risking reigniting it. About a week later, I recovered but there wasn't suitable time for my sister to bring me to that shop in Georgetown.

In Butterworth, I walked to a small stall by a main road that served chendol and ice kacang. The chendol's ice was fine and the ingredient was quite good but alas it was ala ice kacang style i.e. with normal brown sugar and not the palm sugar. In fact, the size and shape of it was also of the ice kacang style i.e. pyramid shape and on a bowl that was typically slightly larger than the chendol bowl.

Just before I went back to KL, my sister and her hubby managed to find time to bring me to have this chendol in Butterworth:

Butterworth chendol 2

Butterworth chendol 1

It's the best they had so far in Butterworth and that's also true for me...based on a sample size of 2 :P

It is good and definitely better than many chendol I had these days - its ice was fine, had generous amount of chendol and beans and right amount of sugar.

However, I agree with my brother-in-law that the best chendol ever is still the one at Jonker Street, Melaka, although they had decrease the ingredient portion the last time I had it. Its taste was still great though.
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