Stand fan saga

When I started visiting and staying at Ban's place (before I permanently moved in), I bought a stand fan. It's not that I don't like aircon. It's bad for my sinus. Prolonged use usually ends with me having headache.

The fan was bought at Senheng @ the Curve, that has closed down since then. It was a Delonghi, with filter at the back that was really good at filtering dust. That lasted like over 3 years. 

Guess how was it spoilt? People stared at me with disbelief when I told them I snapped the stand into halves. Yah, I was carrying it to the bedroom (we used it in the hall too) to prepare for sleep when its stand snapped. Shocking, huh?

Then I bought a brand new fan from Cash Converter. Yes, it's not an obvious choice but surprisingly it was difficult to find electrical shop that sells stand fan around  Ban's place. We had problem with it once we got home because it was very noisy when oscillating. Fortunately I noticed on the receipt that there was a 30-day warranty for electrical items. Phew. After testing it, they willingly exchanged it with another one that worked well.

Less than 2 months later, it stopped working. We switched to another power outlet and it still didn't work. So disappointing. Haiz.

So once again I went out to hunt for one. I disliked hunting and so when I heard about HLK on radio, I thought to visit them. We went to the one at SS2 (which later they told us that that was their newest outlet), I was a little disappointed that they had only 2 brands of stand fan. I chose the Pensonic stand fan and tried to bargain by merely asking whether they could lower the price. I pressed even further when they told me that that was the last one i.e. there no new one in stock. I was given 25% discount :).

Hopefully this one would last for years, if not forever! Hehehe.

Here's something quirky to think about: the first stand fan we dumped was presumedly picked up by a karang guni person (someone who picks up recycleable material). As stated before, it was only its stand that was spoiled. Its motor was still working well. If we dump the second one, where its motor kaput but its stand was still good, at the same spot, that would help the person, wouldn't it? :P
2 Responses
  1. kenni Says:

    I confirmed u r actuary. :D

    Wouldn't have thought about the previous disposed fan.
    Not even presumed it was picked up by karang guni.
    And the fate of the second fan.


  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    My blog is littered with reference to me being in the actuarial line and so it shouldn't be too hard for you to figure it out, right? :)