Roasted potato with duck fillet

One of my favourite restaurants around Ban's place is Rosemary Bites. It served Western food. Finding seats is not a problem because not many people go there. I'm not sure why but I hope their business is doing fine.

Rosemary has special meals on a daily basis. On a particular occasion, Ban decided to try its roasted potato with duck fillet, something we had not seen before. It cost around RM15, around the same price as their grilled chicken, if I'm not mistaken.

Its serving, however, was significantly smaller than the grilled chicken. The bowl was about the size of the herbal soup bowl that's typically served in Chinese restaurant and it contained both potatoes and the duck fillet. In addition, Ban didn't like the taste. It was "barely edible".

Upon paying the bill, the cashier/waitress asked us for feedback regarding the duck dish. When we told her about the steep price (relative to portion), she revealed that it was the same feedback from other customers. She then voluntarily reduced the price to RM9.90, which was more appropriate in my opinion.

That was a pleasant surprise. We definitely will go back there again as they have many other delicious (appropriately priced) meals but I'm sure Ban will not have the duck fillet dish again :)

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