Nokia 5250 stylus pen

One outcome post-Jakarta trip was the lost of my phone's stylus pen. I lost it between after work and reaching my hotel room. It's quite likely I lost it at the restaurant.

The phone has its own compartment to store this stylus easily. I found it handy to use and to type messages quickly without having the fat-finger issue. Hence, I wanted to get the same one, rather than other kind that didn't fit into that compartment.

I tried asking like maybe 10 shops and most of them did not sell stylus pens. A couple of shops didn't have stock and one recommended another pen to me.

So I googled and found someone selling it on for RM5 plus RM3 shipping fee. I had never used that website before and not sure how trustable the sellers there. On the other hand, it was cheap and so I decided to just try it.

Got it in a few days and it fitted in well :) On hindsight, I should have specifically requested for black pen (as per my original stylus pen) but white looks ok with black and red phone.

Nokia 5250 stylus 1

Nokia 5250 stylus 2
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