The Jakarta trip went well. The work there, in fact, went much better than expected. Client was competent and friendly. Yes, they asked tough questions but they were fair as well and treated us well.

Feedback from the actuary indicated that I did my part very well and he thanked me for it. He was grateful that I managed to go on this trip.

I nearly couldn't enter Jakarta. The immigration officer at the airport told me that since my purpose of visit was "business", I needed to apply and obtain business visa before arrival. I kept asking him what I should do then but he just repeated what he told me. In the end, he asked me to keep quiet about this until I leave Indonesia 2 days later.

The person whom I was working with in Jakarta was puzzled enough to search and print out the relevant immigration law that clearly stated that citizens from Malaysia (and in fact all ASEAN countries) do not require visa, for whatever purpose of visit, if their stay is within 30 days. A few other websites said the same thing too.

The immigration officer probably was looking for bribery but since it never occurred to innocent me, he didn't get what he wanted. Gah. I'll check the requirement again before, and if, I go there next time.

I reached Seremban at night. I worked a little the next morning before going back to KL. Worked more. Later that night, there was Ironclaw session. There was tuition the following morning. Then a little more work because there is something we have to do before the week is up. There's a small chance I may need to work a little (maybe at most 2 hours) during weekend. Sigh.

I also had tonnes of e-mail to go through and FB updates to go through. I have yet to catch up on local and world news. So much to do!

I'm feeling a little exhausted and I'm not sure why. I just feel that I want to live in a cave for a while. Here's to recovery!
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