I thought I escaped the need to go there but alas, fate determined I have to lol. Yes, it's for work. Colleagues there and client want either the actuary or me to be there while the actuary prefers me to be there. So I have to be there.

When it was confirmed, I had to rush like crazy to update address on my IC and to renew my passport. Managed to do 5 days before scheduled departure. Took 3 hours to get IC while concurrently it took 4 hours and the next day to collect the new passport. Crazy.

So I have to dig out my office apparel. I'm sure I can still wear my shirts but gosh, I was a little shocked that 2 out of 3 pants I tried were a little tight @_@ My waistline has grown a little. Time to swim...everyday? @_@ Managed to dig out 2 belts.

My biggest problem is shoes. I can't seem to find my shoes at either my home in Seremban or at Ban's place. Gah, it bothers me because I'm pretty sure I have 2 pairs of office shoes and it's such a waste if they are lost. Hope they'll come up soon, even after the trip. I'll be a little happier.

Meanwhile, I hope I can wear my dad's office shoes and at worst, I'll have to way my dark brown walking shoes. Hope no one will be offended.

It'll be my first time there. I asked and obtained advice from William (thanks Mr Skanky!) re money, food and travel. I think I brought more than enough since I'm pretty sure I'm sharing taxi with the actuary between the airport and hotel. I'm a little concerned about food though because of my rather sensitive stomach. Need to make sure I bring enough relevant medicine.

Hope the trip will go well lah. It's a little rushing for me.
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