Car light on!

A month or so ago, it rained heavily on my way to my student's home. Once there, I hurriedly (was late because of slow down in traffic) got out of my car and into his house. In the process, I forgot to switch off my car headlights.

I wasn't aware of that until 1.5 hours later when the security guard (in charge of that gated community) informed my student of it. Panicked, I tried but couldn't start my car engine. My student's parents mechanic was situated in another area and so there was no point asking them for his phone number. Fortunately, I had phone number of a mechanic whose workshop was nearby. He used to be my sister's mechanic when she was living in KL.

The mechanic agreed to help me jumpstart my car but I needed to wait. Half an hour later, I discovered that he couldn't make a move because at that time there was no one else looking after the workshop. I had no choice but to wait as I did not know anyone else. I was getting very anxious as it was nearing the peak hour period of heavy traffic.

It was just on a sliver of hope that I once again tried to start my car. My student had the same idea too. Lo behold it miraculously worked! I kissed my car's steering wheel 3 times to thank it hahaha.

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