Soy milk reconsidered

Since the last "problem" I had, it was smooth-sailing drinking V-Soy Multi-Grain every morning until about a week ago. For some strange reasons, I started having acid reflux that didn't really go away even until after dinner. By then, I had to take medicine lest I couldn't sleep at night.

I was worried that the soymilk could be the culprit. It occurred to me that I usually drink it together with oat. To be certain, I tried having oat without the soymilk one morning. Well, nothing happened. So I went ahead and had some soymilk. Nothing happened too!

Suddenly I thought of William's comment in one of my blog posts: "I can't take soy milk on an empty stomach. Causes pain." Perhaps in my case, it causes acid reflux instead?

I tried the above sequential intake 2 more times and once again, I was fine. Well, I'll take this good news :) At least, still can drink soymilk albeit lengthening my breakfast time.
3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    i have the same problem too. i like soy milk, but i will always shit after consuming soy milk whether just the milk or with anything else -_-
    and i will always feel a little dizzy after that. but i still drink soy milk on a regular basis :-)

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Wow, sounds like yours is worse than mine. Have you tried substitute beverage?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Taking soy milk regularly may not be that good for males and even females. You may want to search more info bout this as I found it from Men's Health mag few years ago.