Nana's Green Tea @One Utama

This restaurant is tucked in a little inside away from the lower ground walkway of One Utama. I would have easily missed it if it wasn't my habit of looking around as I walk.

One fine day, after dinner, Ban and I took a look at their menu and decided that there were food that we both could eat. However, it took quite sometime before I remember to suggest going there for dinner :) We were on the way to Uptown to either eat at Hokano, Arata or Sukiya Gyudon when I suddenly remembered Nana's.

Nana's Green Tea 1

Their Wakame Tamago Udon (RM 15.80) price seems expensive for what they had but to their credit, it had generous amount of seaweed and udon. Their Dashi soup was unfortunately quite bland and probably needed a little more salt. The udon itself was not bad but certainly couldn't beat Arata's udon.

Nana's Green Tea 2

Nana's Green Tea 3

The Hoji (roasted green tea) Chocolate Parfait (RM 19.80) was expensive. A particular unusual ingredient is the piece of cake which tasted similar to butter cake in texture (something that I don't fancy) but with some extra taste. It went well with the whipped cream. The ice-cream itself was a mixture of Hoji and chocolate. The jelly was normal but lack of taste. The redbean paste was normal.

You know what was the sweetest ingredient? It was the cake. So surprising.

Would I go there again? The food was not bad but I could get them cheaper and better elsewhere. I understand they charged a premium price for the special ingredients they used e.g. Dashi soup, Hoji ice-cream but if they don't taste any better than the "normal" equivalent, then it's not worth paying extra for it.
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  1. William Says:

    Yes, their green tea stuff is quite expensive. For udon, try Sanuki Udon at Taman Bukit Desa. Always full house.