Guild Wars 2: Warrior update

In my previous post, I blogged about a new build for WvW using Settler armour. I'm pleased to say that I had all the exotic pieces and in fact I'm painstakingly replacing each one of them with ascended version (3 so far, 3 to go). I still, however, stick to the exotic Draconic skin because it looks nicer.

I'm happy that it has worked quite well for me during PvP and WvW. I had gotten some hate messages but I didn't care because it worked well to help my team mates and I didn't do anything illegal. Some people just have a narrow vision of what people should play. So childish lol. For such people, I use the command /block :)

In addition, I received a beautiful piece of hand armour skin: Radiant Vambrace. Hence, I updated the look of my warrior's outfit:


This was taken from the "Hero" panel. Ideally I would like to dye the outfit predominantly white to match the Radiant Vambrace but white dye is too expensive to purchase. After some research and trial and error, I settled on blue ice dye. The bluish colour is quite evident here, isn't it?

However, screenshot taken in natural light of the environment looks like this:


Looks almost white, doesn't it?


Here he is with Crimson Blade skin on his swords. I love this skin with its elaborate pattern and its red colour is a distinct contrast to the colour of his armour. Its original sword is the Zojya sword, named after a famous Asura.


Here he is with the Zenith skin on his longbow. The glowing nature of this skin complements the Radiant Vambrace well.
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